Shilham Boilie Rollers

We at Shilhams have proudly influenced fishing for over 30 years!


We have a massive selection of Boilies to choose from including OUR original Grubs, Pupae, Maggot, Snail and our brand new ORB!

We can customise Boilies and Pop-Ups to suit your needs, with any shape, size, colour and flavour the choice is unlimited.

Our Pop-Up mix is used world wide, and we receive outstanding feedback for it! We supply 3 different Pop-Up Mixes – Wafter (low buoyancy) Chod (medium buoyancy) and Zig (ultra buoyancy) These mixes are available in small quantities or bulk and come as neutral or coloured with a choice of over 14 colours. All of our Pop-Up Mixes are made with the finest of ingredients, hand sieved and thoroughly mixed to get an even weighted Pop-Up. “We cater for the Carps’ needs”

If you are looking to make your own bait then we at Shilhams can supply the ingredients, Pop-Up Mixes, Base Mixes, Colours, Flavours and even the equipment!

If we don’t have it, it probably don’t exist.

SHILHAMS is a ONE STOP shop for all your fishing needs!

 “The proud creators of the Shilhams Rolling Table – hailed as the best hand rolling table ever made”